Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Raping Women is Rewarded.... Only in Iraq

I was at the dentist’s when I heard the news.

- Did you know? They raped a woman and she came on Tv.
- What!!!??? Who? Another Abeer?
- This time it’s Iraqi force!
- !!!!!!!!!

My jaw was widely opened for a while even though it was not me who was sitting under my dentist’s drill, not because I think that Iraqis are so honorable and far from raping their own blood. On the contrary, Iraq is being raped every day by Iraqis before any invasion force but the shocking thing is that finally a woman , brave enough to come on tv and admit that.

As if it wasn’t enough all the destruction and dead faces and lousy check points in the name of the security plan I saw on my way to the dentist, no! There will always be new surprises.

I saw the news on Tv and beside the shock and utter disbelief and despite the controversy that this story will make and the lies that will be said to cover up what ever might expose anything about our life in Iraq under the new democracy and freedom, I have to show my full respect to this woman, Sabrine Al-Janabi, who risked her life to expose some of what is happening under the blanket.

I have so much to say but Riverbend has said all what I wanted to say by her two posts.

I honestly do not know what should I think when I see them knocking on our door to search the house. Should I worry about my savings, my jewelry ,my laptop, my mobile phone, or MYSELF.

Another shock came when I heard that Al-Maliki ordered to reward the animals who were involved.

What happened will be a great encouragement for those animals who have a license to get into our houses and have the authority to open our closets and touch our belongings. They know that not only they would get away with raping women but they would get rewarded for it.


At 4:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where are the sensible voices in Iraq? Why are they silent? Why they are letting the bad guys get away unpunished? It really hurts to see Iraq in such a bad state.

May Allah solve your problems & help Iraq become stable & prosperous again. May Allah give more wisdom to Iraqi people so that they can differentiate between a friend & a foe. May Allah unite them.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Rejected said...

Thank you Dg for your kind wishes.

You can't imagine what is going on here. A government that isn't even Iraqi suddenly was brought with the invasion, threats and killings by it in all Iraq. 90% of the killings happening in Iraq are done by the government or with its approval by its militias. They themselves who provoked a civil war and they are feeding it with their nasty behaviors. All this is to stay in power and steal as much as they can.

You can't do anything but try to stand in their faces and show what is really going on by your writings and try as much as you can’t not to let them win over you by preserving your ethics and values.

At 2:25 PM, Blogger Leeza rennie said...

So bad is happening with Iraq.


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